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Website Design & Development

Website designing & development differs, really. In tandem with web design, website development holds an important role in achieving the business needs of your Company. While web designing focusses on the graphics and layout of the site, development is the core coding that binds your web applications together. This ensures to have error-free loading pages and a flexible web structure for the business need. And here in Wizycom, we concentrate both web design and web development deep-rooted in creativity and founded in technical expertise.

Our professionals identify the value of solid information, architecture design and integrative branding that engages the end customer from the first stop at your site. Behind effective websites, there lies development that contains solid coding and web application design with usable features that place your business on a higher stage.

Application & Development

Wizycom app development team consisting of product managers, app experience and visual designers, and app architects and engineers. All projects are also overseen by a team leader who serves as your day-to-day account manager. Our agile app development process makes it easy to scale up or down based on your own project’s unique needs and maintain project schedules and budget flexibility.

Wizycom Application Development Company offers its clients to develop their Performance of existing and new applications (either web-based or stand alone), increasing its productivity and profitability. We follow a well defined and mature Development process including complete Software Development life cycle process to ensure Software Solution developed is a guaranteed Quality product. Our apps are business-driven, user-focused, and highly innovative.

Customer friendly applications with good user experience
Branding services to help your company grow

Business Identity Branding

Social media became an unavoidable part of day today life of a common man. Social Media Optimization is the practice of raising awareness of your brand, product or service through the use of social media channels Such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You may be aware of the benefits of Social Media Optimization, but lack the time and resources to fully capitalize on it. We help our clients to setup their social media campaigns for branding or educating the users about their products or services.

While analyzing influence and details on most used websites, social media platforms comes just after search engines, email providers and Wikipedia. But in analysis results of website spending time and interactions, social media networks keeps the monopoly. So, we will help you to have a online marketing strategy that is fully tailored to your business needs.

Digital Marketing

Winterglot Technosolutions is the best digital marketing company in Kozhikode, which builds high converting paid search and social media campaigns. Our marketing services are SEO focused, customer driven and proven to deliver. We will get you the traffic, links and rankings that drive exponential growth. Our online marketing company uses Google Ads and content strategy to help growth-minded businesses like yours generate more traffic and more sales leads. Work with an agency that works as hard to earn your trust as they do to earn you results. We are the marketing agency that companies hire when ROI is not optional.

Customer friendly applications with good user experience